Paolo Topy Rossetto Photographer - Stroller



With the large-format photo “Stroller” Paolo Topy decided to bring up a subject that is dear to him: everyday life, broken by hardship. The picture shows a crushed and deformed stroller found in the dustbin. Today there are numerous children from humble backgrounds that suffer directly from the effects of a merciless system that commercialises every gesture of our lives and routines and that distracts us from reality, hypnotising us with invented images and dishonest messages. In this work, the allusion to magic on the wheels, through the name of a famous brand that sells dreams, contrasts sharply with the state of the stroller. Paolo Topy urges us not to delude ourselves – beauty is in our everyday routine and not elsewhere. It is in our family lives, our relationships with others, in the simple, humble moments we share and not in the fulfilment of our momentary consumerist desires, carefully engineered by a mercantile, pitiless industry. He invites us to rediscover the beauty that surrounds us Everyday. He invites us to see and perceive the world otherwise and finally to understand it differently.

Yves Peltier

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