Paolo Topy Rossetto Photographer - Casting



In the “Casting” series, we are witness to a particular moment: that when models at a fashion photography casting session are still “raw material”. Not yet made-up and dressed, bathed in a harsh light, they stand facing the camera, unadorned, in their own underwear. This series highlights the commodification of the human body. Already, the personality of the individuals has faded. They all resemble each other. Their body is in a frozen “pose”, awaiting that moment when “life”, or at least a mockery of life, will give them an illusory existence, in the space of a skilfully staged photograph. Who are these young women? What is their life, their true life? Market forces do not care. Do we? Are we still capable of distinguishing true from false, of escaping the stratagems of marketing and advertising? These are the questions the photographer puts to us in this series that is neutral only in appearance..

Yves Peltier

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